The Importance of Published Medical Reports (Treatises) in IMO and Nexus Letters

Nexus Letters Veteran Disability

Proving a nexus between a veteran’s disability and his military service requires both factual and scientific evidence.  In most cases, especially for the veterans who served in Vietnam, service records are difficult to obtain; most records have been either damaged or lost.  Without these records it is difficult to prove that a current disability was caused by injuries that occurred 40 or 50 years ago.

Most veterans, however, have already established service connection for some disabilities and the question is usually whether their current disabling condition is related to the service-connected disabilities.  The determination of secondary disability is no longer factual, but rather strictly a scientific question.  A veteran only needs to show that the scientific community supports his claim that condition x is related to his service-connected disabilities.

To deny a veteran’s claim, the VA must have an equally qualified scientist state that there is no scientific connection between the claimed condition and the service-connected conditions.  Even then, the VA must accept the IMO based on the benefit of the doubt doctrine.

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