Veteran Disability

Bone and Joints Disability Rating Table

Below, I’ve used a bone and joints disability rating table to illustrate how these selected issues and symptoms rate on the veterans disability rating system.

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Rating Table for Selected Symptoms – Veterans’ Disability

Below, I’ve used a ratings table to illustrate how selected neurological and psychological symptoms rate on the veterans disability rating system.

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Understand the New Rating for Back and Neck Spinal Disability

Degenerative joint disease of the spine is one of the most common claims made by Veterans for service-connected disability.

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Understanding Knee Injury Disability Rating

Knee injury is very common among servicemen.  The injury may be slight, but years later, many veterans develop severe knee arthritis attributed to their initial service injury. 

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Veteran Disability Total Unemployability , TDIU

For a veteran to prevail on a claim based on total unemployability, it is necessary that the record reflect some factor which places the claimant in a different position than other veterans with the same disability rating.

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Cases Litigated Before The CAVC

MU v. Shinseki 09-3570
RK v. Shinseki 13-2908
EW v. Shinseki 12-2155
HH v. Shinseki 11-1612

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Individual Unemployability

When evaluating a veteran’s employability, consideration may be given to his/her level of education, special training, and previous work experience, but not to age or impairment caused by non service-connected disabilities. 38 C.F.R. §§ 3.341, 4.19

Once a Veteran is found to have 60% service-connected disability (or 40%/70%) in step one of the analysis, the VA analyzes the veteran’s educational and occupational history to determine whether his service-connected disabilities preclude him from securing or following substantially gainful employment (activity) (SGA).

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Posted by Mike
April 11, 2022

I reached out to Dr Anaise for a records review and his Expert Medical Opinion provided via an IMO Letter for a Sleep Apnea claim – secondary to PTSD that I was going to submit. I requested his services because I knew how difficult winning this claim can be with the VA and that he was the right expert for the job. I submitted my relevant medical records to him and within a week I had a very detailed IMO letter to support my claim. My sleep apnea claim was processed and approved in less than 2 weeks by the VA and I know for a fact, it was in large part due to Dr Anaise’s IMO letter. His IMO Letter left no question unanswered and ensured the success of my claim. I would use his services again in the future! Highly recommend!

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